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liens interessants en ontario

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liens interessants en ontario

Message par nassim le 05/08/07, 07:01 pm

Ontario Immigration
Information you will need to know before you arrive in Ontario, Canada and helpful tips for after you have arrived.
Provides newcomers with information and resources to help you settle in Ontario.

Building Your Career in Ontario
This is a helpful guide that answers thirteen questions that new arrivals in Ontario frequently ask about working in the province. It describes the essential steps you have to take to work in Ontario. It also provides useful information on a variety of related topics.

Canadian Newcomer Magazine
Canadian Newcomer Magazine provides free and easily accessible information, advice, entertainment, education and encouragement to new immigrants. We bring yoiu access to information about community services and programs to help you adjust to your new home and a lifestyle entertainment magazine to help you feel at home.

World Education Services (WES)
The Ontario government recognizes and provides financial support to World Education Services Canada (WES) to provide an academic credential assessment service that assesses secondary and postsecondary educational qualifications from more than 180 countries and compares them to Ontario standards.

Translations Canada
Translations Canada is a web-based translation service that provides document translations on a cost recovery basis for people coming to Canada.
All you need to know about T.O.

Stand Up Scarborough!
Celebrating the success, events and entertainment in the Scarborough community.

211 Toronto
Connects you to community, social, health and government services that are offered in Toronto (ex. housing, employment, legal assistance, etc.).

Canadian Society
Important facts and information to help you live more comfortably in Canada.

Newcomers Canada
Provides important information about living in Canada

Helps you translate text from and into various languages (English, Chinese, French German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish).

Certified Management Accountants of Ontario
Certified Management Accountants of Ontario is a self-governing professional organization that awards the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation to qualified candidates in Ontario.


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Re: liens interessants en ontario

Message par marequin le 05/08/07, 07:24 pm


merci nassim pour les liens c'est vraiment interessants

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Re: liens interessants en ontario

Message par Rachel le 05/08/07, 10:10 pm

Thanks, nassim.

Nous disposons d'une bonne "biblionet", maintenant. Smile


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Re: liens interessants en ontario

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