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LISTE d'agences de placements dans la ville d'OTTAWA

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LISTE d'agences de placements dans la ville d'OTTAWA

Message par kabi le 21/08/08, 10:30 pm

Je copie pour vous une liste d'agences de placements dans la ville d'Ottawa , que j'ai pu reprendre d'un autre site web. espérons qu'elle pourra aider les futurs immigrants qui désirent s'installer dans la belle capitale Nationale du Canada : Ottawa

Adecco Employment Services Ltd
Johanne Stewart
301 Bank Street
Ottawa ON K2P 1X7
613-230-7777 Fax 613-230-3411

AIM Personnel Services Inc
Meredith Egan / David Megson
55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1470
Ottawa ON K1P 6L5
613-230-6991 Fax 613-230-7183 E-mail
Functional and Industry Expertise: Administrative support, engineerng and technical personnel to the government and private industry in Canada, the United States and abroad. All levels of government as well as leading firms in such industries as petrochemical / offshore, marine, aerospace, power generation, systems integration, electronics and telecommunications.

Access Human Resources Inc
Susanna Rodriguez
130 Albert Street, Suite 414
Ottawa ON K1P 5G4
613-236-6114 Fax 613-236-5552 E-mail

Ajilon Communications
Garry Logue
2255 Carling Avenue, Suite 402
Ottawa ON K2B 7Z5
613-232-4744 Fax 613-232-1199 E-mail

Affiliates, The Sheron Hindley-Smith 181 Bay Street, Suite 820, Box 824
Toronto ON M5J 2T3
416-365-3153 Fax 416-350-3573 E-mail
The affiliates provides lawfirms and corporate legal departments with specialized temporary and full-time professionals including project lawyers, law clerks and legal support personnel.

AJJA Information Technology Consultants Inc
Adam Jasek
785 Carling Avenue, Suite 800
Ottawa ON K1S 5H4
613-563-2552 Fax 613-563-3438 E-mail
Information Technology expertise.

Alan Davis & Associates Inc
Tom Bursey
155 Queen Street, Suite 900
Ottawa ON K1P 6L1
613-224-9950 Fax 613-225-6818 E-mail

Alcea Technologies Inc
Mike Elliot
280 Albert Street, Suite 201
Ottawa ON K1P 5G8
613-563-9595 Fax 613-563-9494 E-mail

Artemp Personnel Services Inc Annette Lang
294 Albert Street, Suite 511
Ottawa ON K2P 6E6
613-232-9767 Fax 613-232-7050 E-mail
Both public and private sectors.

Associates Group of Companies, The
Seema Narula / Michelle Mayer

222 Somerset Street W, Suite 700
Ottawa ON K2P 0A7
613-567-0222 Fax 613-567-6441 E-mail associates@theassociatesgroup. com

Association Strategy Group
Christopher LeClair
99 Fifth Avenue Court, Suite 24
Ottawa ON K1S 5K4
613-233-4789 Fax 613-235-5866 E-mail chris@associationstrategygroup .com
Exclusive focus on associations and the not-for-profit sector.

Atco Frontec Employment Service
Louise Paquette
170 Laurier Avenue W, Suite 100
Ottawa ON K1P 5V5
613-234-9033 Fax 613-787-3888 E-mail
Leader in technical services for the resource, telecommunications, transportation, utility and defence sectors.

Barbara Personnel Inc
Barbara Cloutier
350 Sparks Street, Suite 601
Ottawa ON K1R 7X7
613-236-9689 Fax 613-236-9689 E-mail

BDO Dunwoody
Supiya Rao, CA
301 Moodie Drive, Suite 400
Nepean ON K2H 9C4
613-820-8010 Fax 613-820-0465 E-mail

BMCI Consulting Ltd
Kenneth J Payne
60 Queen Street, Suite 1203
Ottawa ON K1P 5Y7
613-232-4913 Fax 613-733-7451 E-mail
Full range of bilingual cost effective services to government organizations and private sector

Brad Lake Consulting
Brad Lake
173 Heath Street
Ottawa ON K1H 5E6
613-834-7959 Fax 613-834-0721 E-mail
Solid reputation of providing competent contract resources for a wide variety of Information Management requirements to public departments and agencies, as well as to private enterprises.

Bradson Technology Professionals
Kevin O'Rourke
187 Lyon Street, Suite 100
Ottawa ON K1R 7X6
613-238-1700 Fax 613-238-6770
International firm with offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Portland, OR specializing in the recruitment for and staffing of information technology positions.

Career-Agent, The Matt Dumais
2650 Queensview Drive, Suite 208
Ottawa ON K2B 8H6
613-721-8185 Fax 613-721-1494 E-mail

CLA Personnel
Carole Joanisse, Rachel Proulx
424 Queen Street, Suite C
Ottawa ON K1R 5A8
613-567-0045 E-mail

CNC Global Consulting
John Maur
350 Albert Street, Suite 1825
Ottawa ON K1R 1A4
613-786-3220 Fax 613-567-2659 E-mail

Computer Horizons ISG
Mark Cohen
180 Elgin Street, Suite 801
Ottawa ON K2P 2K3
613-688-0918 Fax 613-688-0917 E-mail
Full service IT staffing services, along with IT outsourcing services.

ConsulPRO Executive Search
Mel Spotswood
470 Somerset Street W
Ottawa ON K1R 5J8
613-236-3417 Fax 613-236-7964 E-mail
The majority of our searches are over $80K. Professional Association: NPA with more than 1400
associates worldwide.

Cowan Wright Beauchamp
Kelly Johnson
641 Montreal Road
Ottawa ON K1K 0T4
613-741-3313 Fax 613-741-7771
E-mail infowaterloo@cowanwrightbeauch

Dan McNamara & Associates
Dan McNamara
15 Ottawa Street
Woodstock ON N4T 1M7
519-539-4453 Fax 519-539-0043 E-mail

Dare Human Resources Corporation
Jocelyne Vitanza
275 Slater Street, Suite 900
Ottawa ON K1P 5H9
613-238-4485 Fax 613-236-3754 E-mail

Lena Albert
151 Slater Street, Suite 800
Ottawa ON K1P 5H3
613-237-3370 Fax 613-237-2901 E-mail

Dynamic Personnel Consultants
Magy Bateh / Sherrie Deschamps
222 Somerset Street W, Suite 710
Ottawa ON K2P 2G3
613-567-8886 Fax 613-567-6441 E-mail m

Eagle Professional Resources Inc
David O'Brien
170 Laurier Avenue W, Suite 902
Ottawa ON K1P 5V5
613-234-1810 Fax 613-234-0797 E-mail

ENS Group Inc
Bill Kwong
294 Albert Street, Suite 404
Ottawa ON K1P 6E6
613-235-0299 Fax 613-235-5929 E-mail
Functional expertise in technology consulting, recruiting, and managed network services.

Excel Human Resources
Megan Graham
102 Bank Street, Suite 300
Ottawa ON K1P 5N4
613-230-5393 Fax 613-230-1623 E-mail

Financial Staffing Services
Jocelyne Vitanza
275 Slater Street, Suite 900
Ottawa ON K1P 5H9
Functional Expertise in the financial services and sales sectors which also includes professionals such as Charter Accountants, IT, management consultants and human resources.

Forefront Information Strategies Group Inc
Leon Dykler
396 Cooper Street, Suite 418
Ottawa ON K2P 2H7
613-234-4534 Fax 613-234-7642 E-mail
Canadian Information Technology Services company that specializes in providing experienced consultants to our Clients. Services are used by clients in the Federal Government, Crown Corporations and private industry in both Canada and the USA.

GSI International Consulting Group
Stecena McDonnell
427 Laurier Avenue W, Suite 910
Ottawa ON K1R 7Y2
613-782-2361 Fax 613-782-2920 E-mail

Hunt Personnel
P Brousseau / L Denis
220 Laurier Avenue W, Suite 1580
Ottawa ON K1P 5Z9
613-238-8801 Fax 613-238-5586 E-mail

Ian Martin Ltd
Matthew O'Connor
275 Slater Street, Suite 203
Ottawa ON K1P 5H9
613-237-0155 Fax 613-237-2070 E-mail

Ingenius People Inc
Pierre Quinn
30 Rosemount Avenue, Suite 200
Ottawa ON K1Y 1P4
613-729-6400 Fax 613-729-6770 E-mail
High-tech and government sectors.

Intelligent Technology Solutions Inc
Allan O'Connor
203 Colonnade Road, Suite 201
Nepean ON K2E 7K3
613-727-1212 Fax 613-727-9248 E-mail

IT/NET Consultants Inc
Richard Jana
116 Albert Street, Suite 303
Ottawa ON K1P 5G3
613-234-8638 Fax 613-234-3323 E-mail
Functional Expertise in Information Management and Technology(IM/IT).

Jamich Technology Group Inc
Erva Lee Stephen
2720 Queensview Drive, Suite 1114
Ottawa ON K2B 1A5
613-726-1734 Fax 613-726-8995 E-mail
Jamich Technology Group believes that flexibility, integrity, trust and

KPMG Executive Search
Gary V Reid
45 O'Connor Street, Suite 1000
Ottawa ON K1P 1A4
613-560-0011 Fax 613-238-3698

Lock & Associates
Rochard Lock
155 Queen Street, Suite 900
Ottawa ON K1P 6L1
613-751-4450 Fax 613-566-7036 E-mail

Wende Windle
55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 800
Ottawa ON K1P 6L5
613-237-9070 Fax 613-563-9735 E-mail

Mastech Emplifi
Phil Johnson
50 O'Connor Street, Suite 1410
Ottawa ON K1P 6L2
613-230-7701 Fax 613-230-9746

Ray & Berndtson
Suite 200 - 29 Beechwood Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1M 1M2
Office: (613) 749-9909 Fax: (613) 749-9599 Email:
Functional and Industry Expertise : Technology and IT management, business and professional services, consumer products and services, health care, financial services, industrial products and services, energy and natural resources, education, and not-for-profit.

et Voici un site de l’Outaouais pour les agences de placements :

Proud to be canadian
وَمِنْ آَيَاتِهِ خَلْقُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ وَاخْتِلَافُ أَلْسِنَتِكُمْ
وَأَلْوَانِكُمْ إِنَّ فِي ذَلِكَ لَآَيَاتٍ لِلْعَالِمِينَ'' الروم:22''


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